?June 16, 2020

My paperweights have been on sale at Fra Angelica Gallery & Studio in downtown Cleveland, Ohio for the last few years. Unfortunately there was a ridiculous amount of destruction downtown earlier this month, and some of it directly impacted Fra Angelica. Smashed windows can be replaced, but these were the giant plate glass windows of shop owners who in many cases were already struggling to keep the lights on from lack of a normal daily crowd downtown due to COVID-19.

The generous and caring owner, Linda Damiani, has no choice but to close her cherished shop indefinitely. She has featured items created by over 70 different artists and craftspeople for seven years. Best wishes to Linda and her staff now and in the future.

I am weighing my own options at this point, and in the months ahead may list some pieces on eBay. If you are a potential bidder, please email so that I can notify you (steve@www.itomjsc.com) when I start an auction.

I hope you and yours are all healthy and well. Thank you for visiting www.itomjsc.com

-Steve Exner